Busted for rum running! Advice for cruisers.

While cruises can be an economic form of vacationing the cost of alcoholic beverages are marked up to the max. If you’re a drinker the pressure is on to smuggle some hooch aboard. Most cruise lines permit each passenger to bring aboard a single bottle of wine and whatever soft drinks they can carry. Beer and hard liquor is banned, however.

We took a cruise in 2014 and I sneaked some Scotch on board by transferring it to a couple of 20 oz brown plastic root beer bottles buried in my checked luggage. Worked with no problem and I was able to enjoy my daily Scotch on the rocks with no problem and minimum expense.

rum runnerOn our most recent cruise I did the same thing but didn’t check any luggage. Instead we carried everything on the ship. When they           x-rayed my suitcase, however, they saw the outline of two pop bottles and asked me to open the bag. They reached for one of the bottles and tested if the seal had been broken, it had been of course. I was then informed that plastic bottles were no longer

permitted on the ship, broken seals were not permitted, and company policy forbid bring liquor on board. The booze was confiscated and I was busted. Same thing happened to my daughters who were trying to smuggle some vodka aboard in water bottles.

Later that first evening I was talking to a couple and I related my being busted. They told me they smuggled a couple of liters of booze in their checked luggage using something they called Rum Runner Flasks. These are especially designed flexible bags that are deliberately targeted at smuggling hooch on board a cruise ship. Apparently they don’t show up on x-ray scans and pass through the baggage security system without any problems.

So, before our next ocean voyage I’ll pay a visit to eBay or Amazon shopping for some rum running anti detection, inspection, infection, and rejection devices and save enough money to pay for my next batch of t-shirts that I have no need for.

ADDENDUM: After writing this I did a search on eBay and learned that there’s another way. Smuggling alcohol inside of new plastic bottles labeled as being shampoo and body gel. Smugjugs is one of the products offered.

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