Another Separation Clause

foxSaw a meme recently that struck home. All too frequently I find myself in a business or waiting room and the television is mindlessly tuned to Fox News. First of all I believe most of what appears on that cable channel is pure bullshit. Second, if it were my business the TV wouldn’t be tuned to any news channel for risk of offending my customers and clients.

When I experience this in a government agency I find it especially bothersome. Several times a year I find it necessary to visit one of the Veterans Administration facilities and invariably the waiting room TV will be tuned to Fox. I know veterans tend to be conservative but we’re not all like that.

The Founding Fathers anticipated this might someday be the case and included a special clause in the Bill of Rights that created, like the separation of church and state, the separation of bullshit and state. Government is barred from placing its official seal on any religion and it also may not sanction any news or propaganda source. Apparently the VA didn’t get the word.

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