You say Sharia, I say Smaria!

Today’s news cycle is filled with arguments for and against Ben Carson’s comments about Muslims not being qualified for the presidency. On the one hand Carson recognizes the Constitutional ben carson question markdemand that religion not be a qualifier for political office. But, at the same time he plainly stated that he wouldn’t support a Muslim in politics unless they denounced their faith. To me that is precisely what a religious qualifier is.

In this morning’s headlines can be found conservative Republican Steve King of Iowa defending Carson and insisting that no Muslim can swear allegiance to the Constitution because it conflicts with Sharia (Islāmic) Law.

Sharia Law is one of those things many have heard of but rarely know much about it. Nevertheless it has become one of the far-rights favorite boogie men. It’s to politics and religion what Ebola is to longevity of life.

So, I spent some time this morning better informing myself on the subject of Islāmic Law and came away convinced it isn’t any different from Christian or Biblical Law. It’s this simple, there is no one definition of what a Muslim is and no one accepted definition of what Sharia Law is. The same is blatantly true about Christians and Biblical Law.

There are all sorts of tenets, cannons, dictates, commandments, etc. in the Bible yet Christians, unless your name is Kim Davis, are able to set this aside and swear they will uphold the Constitution’s requirements. They usually have no trouble placing man’s law above God’s law. Keeping the two “separated”

Well, the same is true in the Islāmic world. There isn’t just one kind of Muslim just as there isn’t one kind of Christian or one kind of Jew or one kind of any religion. To cite a phrase, God only knows how many religions and religious sects exist in the world but it is certainly in the thousands.

Today’s GOP is often cited as being the party of fear and there is ample evidence to support that claim. After all, a major part of having a conservative mindset is being resistant to change because change represents the unknown and the unknown is, for conservatives, and sometimes liberals, something to be fearful of.

I’m going to the polls in November of 2016 and cast my vote for a number of people. For the most part religion is not going to be something I consider. If I knew a candidate to be either a “radical” Christian or an “extreme” Muslim they wouldn’t get my vote. That however, is unlikely to play a part in my decisions. What will play a major part is how open-minded a candidate is about people and ideas that are different. Ben Carson will never get my vote for several reasons. A major reason will be the uninformed and un-Constitutional views he holds regarding an entire large population of people. What he is doing is the equivalent of claiming all black people have rhythm and like watermelon. Shame on him.

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