Shame on Ferguson’s Police

fergusonRemember back to what happened in Ferguson, MO in August of last year. The police shooting of a young unarmed black youth. The protest that ensued, the brutal tactics used by police to suppress that protest and the riots that followed.

Then there was the grand jury investigation in to the police officer that shot and killed Michael Brown and the subsequent failure to indict the shooter.

All this resulted in a great division in America and a huge failure to understand and appreciate the reality of life in this country for blacks and other minorities. The suppressed anger that burst forth following so many unexplained fatal shootings of unarmed blacks by the nation’s police forces.

Well, today the US Department of Justice released an in-depth study into what happened in Ferguson and it doesn’t paint a pretty picture of how that community’s police went about “serving and protecting.”

The entire 105 page report is available online but here is a very good summery of the report from the St. Louis Post Dispatch.

Click HERE to read the story.

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