A Middle East Cluster F*@K

mideast mapJust when you think the situation in the Middle East can’t get worse it gets worse. As simple as I can make it there are too many religions, too many religious sects, too many tribes, too many extremists, and too much oil which has resulted in too much foreign involvement.

If the world was still operating on a coal based energy supply most people wouldn’t know what or where the Middle East is. But since we’re an oil based economy most people still don’t know what or where the Middle East is. But people who are interested in making huge sums of money do know and have known for decades and have used every means possible to gain and hold on to an advantage.

The United States is not alone in manipulating geopolitics in that region for its own advantage. But since World War II it has become a major player and bears much of the blame for the Arab world being what it is today.

Beginning in 1948 the US used its power and wealth to force the division of Palestine into two nations, Palestine and Israel. Following that partition the US again, and continues, to use its power to maintain and protect Israel. Over the past seventy years we have spent untold billions of dollars prevent Israel from being overrun by its Arab neighbors and much of the hatred and hostility shown towards America is a result of this support.

In 1953, under the Eisenhower administration the American CIA overthrew the leadership of Iran and put into power someone of our own liking, the Shah of Iran. With brutal force and American backing this man ruled that nation until his overthrow in 1979. Ever since the two nations have been hostile towards each other and that hostility has bled over into other parts of the region.

Then along comes Saddam Hussein who was smiled upon by America because he didn’t like the Iranians either. When the two nations went to war it was America that provided several billion dollars of assistance to Iraq in hopes he could bring the Islamic Revolution to a conclusion.

Most of us know how that turned out; not good. Iraq and Iran went to war in 1980 and duked it out until 1988 when a treaty was signed bringing to an end the longest war of the 20th Century. A major reason for the war’s end was the threat that Iraq would continue and increase its use of American supplied chemical warfare technology.

The next act of this narrative was America leading a coalition of nations against Iraq’s invasion of Kuwait. This put American boots on holy ground, pissed off Osama bin Laden, and set in motion events that would lead to 9/11.

Yada, yada, yada, Bush invades Afghanistan to get bin Laden, Bush invades Iraq for no justifiable reason, America becomes embroiled in its two longest wars in history, those wars carry over into the Obama years, Obama promises to end those wars, Obama eventually gets us out of Iraq, Iraq turns to shit, we’re still in Afghanistan, ISIS is taking over the world, the US resumes bombing and hell fire missileing the crap out of Muslims, Yemen falls to extremists, an Arab coalition forms to bomb and invade Yemen, while all the time Syria is a blood bath and the American congress and president are at each other’s throats over what to do and who to blame.

The only good thing I can see is that finally the major Arab players in the Middle East seem to be turning away from American involvement and uniting to protect themselves from the direct and immediate threat of ISIS and al-Qaeda.

The Democrats want to blame all this on Bush and the Republicans point the finger at Obama. What I’ve tried to show here is that there are many fingers and some point back over seventy years. There has not been a president since at least Eisenhower that hasn’t contributed to this cluster f*@k in some manner.

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