Just a Fad

I got a chuckle out of Lord Grantham’s comment during the second episode of Downton Abbey. His Lordship is not the most progressive looking character and when asked to consider purchasing a radio for the mansion he put up a wall of resistance. At one point he commented that radio was, “Just a fad.”

Once he relented it was historically interesting to see how involved getting a radio was in 1920 England. It required a technician to deliver and properly install it. A certain learning curve also had to be mounted.

The thought occurred, what would it be like to suddenly snap a Lord Grantham out of his technologically limited world and suddenly introduce him to today’s world and just how far his fad had evolved? I’m thinking brain trauma quickly followed by coronary thrombosis.

It is simply amazing what has taken place in the world of communications since Marconi sent the first radio message, the Morse Code letter “S”, in 1901. Without going into all the advances I’ll just leave it with the most recent communications miracle I’ve encountered. In March Intel is releasing a thumb size computer that plugs into the HDMI port on the rear of most modern flat-screen TVs. This simple device turns your TV into a full-fledged, fairly powerful, PC. All you need to communicate with the world via the Internet is an inexpensive wireless USB keyboard and mouse.

The cost is almost just as amazing. One running the latest version of Windows 8.1 will set you back a mere $149 and a Linux version less than $90. This will bring all the Internet and Netflix has to offer to your 55″ high-definition big screen surround sound entertainment center.

What you think about that your Lordship? It will only be a fad until the next must have gadget makes it obsolete.

intel hdmi pc

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