Charting 2014

Some place in American History Thomas Jefferson said an informed electorate was necessary in a democracy. Jefferson was a strong advocate for public education and taking his advice America has poured billions, if not trillions, into trying to create that informed voter.

Given the opinions so many Americans profess and how they vote makes one wonder if all the money has been well spent. Before the 2014 general election polls concluded that most Americans felt the economy was the number one issue and expressed the continued attitude that America’s economy was still in the dump.

Click logo to read NY Times article.
Click logo to read NY Times article.

I just read an article in the New York Times recapping politics and economics in this nation as of the last day of 2014. The several charts discussed indicate reality being quite different from what the electorate based its vote on. The charts show America has done remarkably well in the six years of the Obama administration, especially given the horrible nature of the nation when Obama assumed office in 2009.

While none one is saying things are perfect the reality is, things are not imperfect. There are lots of good stuff happening in America in spite of the gridlock and ineptitude of today’s politicians. Just makes me wonder where we’d be if the nation weren’t so divided, politicians less concerned with their careers, and voters who voted based on real knowledge and not what faux news reporters told them.

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