The Paxton

Recently my wife and I, for the second time in recent months, spent an evening at The Paxton Theater, home of Ohio’s oldest country paxton stagemusic jamboree. For fifty years now the Paint Valley Jamboree in Bainbridge, Ohio has staged country music programs most Saturday nights of the year. Earlier this year the  Paxton changed hands and the new owners have poured their hearts and wallets into rejuvenating the building and upgrading the technical aspects of what modern music requires; better lights, better sound system, improved acoustics, and much improved aesthetics.

On this visit I noticed a completely remodeled snack bar, repainted on each side of the stage area, new stage curtains and backdrops, and improved outdoor signage.

Van DellsThe featured artist was the well-known classic rock ‘n roll cover group, The Van Dells. We first saw their show about ten years ago at Wilmington’s Banana Split Festival and they were great. Time changes everything but the Van Dells still have what it takes to stage an impressive two-hour performance.

The usual fare at the Jamboree is traditional country but occasionally they stage something different, such as The Van Dells. If you enjoy live music in a friendly and comfortable venue you may want to pay some attention to the Paxton’s schedule on their website.

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