Pie Crust Promises

Many people in Greenfield remember Paul “Dunk” Angel and his contributions to the town’s country music legacy. Personally I don’t pie crustknow much other than Angel was a mentor to Johnny Paycheck and others. I’ve heard that people like George Jones stopped off for a visit when passing through the area.

In the early 1960 Dunk’s basement was a gathering place for musicians and after an evening of listening to music at Angel’s my now wife, Janet, decided she would write a song for the basement band to play.

She came up with a ditty she called Pie Crust Promises and took it to Dunk’s. Present at the time was Johnny Paycheck, Gary Adams and several of his brothers. Together they worked out an arrangement and put Janet’s song on a 3″ reel of used tape. For over fifty years the tape lay buried and unheard.

In July Janet came across the small box containing the reel and brought it to my attention. I suggested we have it converted to digital format but feared age may have destroyed it. Nevertheless, I found a company in Dayton that specializes in these matters and a week or so later the mailman delivered the original tape along with a DVD of its contents. To our delight it was intact and the sound quality very good.

In the meantime I ran into Gary Adams and told him about the tape and what we were doing. He laughed and immediately began singing the lyrics to a song he helped record over fifty-years ago. What a memory.

Since the tape had already been recorded over I had to do some editing to glean out all but the actual song. I then converted it to a format I could post online.

So here ladies and gentlemen, for the first time ever, is the world première of Janet Chapman’s Pie Crust Promises as sung by Johnny Paycheck and backed by the legendary Adams Brothers.

Also on the tape was another song recorded that day by Paycheck and the Adams Boys, Each Season Changes You. Another Paycheck recording never heard until now.

This is copyrighted material and may not be used for commercial purposes. All rights reserved by Janet A. Chapman, 2014. 

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    1. The second number was on two different tracks and I thought I had edited out the non-song noise and pasted the two parts together. I see now that I hadn’t done that.

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