On being pimped

A gal I know on Facebook mentioned something about trying to get her dad fixed up and it made me think about an experience I had years ago at the Dayton Hamvention.

A bunch of us ham radio friends were holding a mini convention at an area motel and next door was a nice tavern. Another guy, younger and better looking, and me went to the tavern for diner and drinks. It was on a Saturday night and the place was packed.

young woman at barSuddenly some young and very attractive gal walked up to our booth and fired up a conversation with us. We invited her to sit down and she chose to sit next to me. It quickly became obvious that she was more interested in me than my friend, Jeff. After several minutes she went elsewhere and Jeff couldn’t get over this young thing seemingly having the hots for me.

Fifteen minutes later the gal came back, sit down next to me, and ordered Jeff and me a refill. After a few minutes she began asking some things of a personal nature about me, which I answered as truthfully as I wanted to be with a stranger. A little later she again got up and joined an older woman at the bar.

Again Jeff’s conversation turned to why this hot little number was so interested in an old fart like myself. Well on the next visit to our booth the cat was released from the bag. I never wear a wedding ring so little chickadee finally got around to asking me if I was married? I said I was and she became a bit embarrassed. I asked her why she wanted to know and she fessed up that the woman at the bar was her mother and she was trying to get her mom fixed up with someone her age and thought I looked like a candidate.

I don’t know if you’ve ever experienced having your ego so inflated only to have it exploded with a pin prick! This became one of Jeff’s favorite stories in the years to come.

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