Wanna’ learn some local history?

The Arc of Appalachia is holding a series of programs regarding the ancient peoples who once inhabited much of our area. The Mound Builders who constructed such places as Seip Mound, Fort Ancient, Fort Hill, and the Great Serpent Mound.

Complete information may be found at their website:


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5 thoughts on “Wanna’ learn some local history?”

  1. Who knows any information about the blue rock stone quarry or the Rucker stone company that mined out the rock?

      1. The GHS has lots of information about the Rucker quarry which today is owned by the city. Martin-Marietta is the current owner of Blue Rock (I think) but I don’t know if there are historical records. I do know that production at Blue Rock has ceased.

          1. Blue Rock is north of Greenfield about two miles and sandwiched between Route 41 and Paint Creek. Rucker’s Quarry is southeast of town near Thrifton and the town’s disposal plant.

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