I want my Snickers

I don’t eat a lot of candy but when I want to munch on a bar I most often reach for a Snicker. For decades this familiar rectangle of chocolate covered peanuts, caramel and nougat has been an American favorite. So what does a company with an icon in its lineup do? Well, it prostitutes the brand name by plastering it on everything it can.

candy gum (2)A recent stroll past a candy counter brought me face to face with a whole array of different flavored Snickers bars. There was the regular Snickers, the Peanut Butter Snickers, the Almond Snickers, and the 3X Chocolate Covered Snickers. Missing were the Snickers Fudge Bar and the Snickers Dark Chocolate.

I have no problems making important decisions but I don’t appreciate being forced to make decisions that shouldn’t have to be made. Life s tough enough without having to now decide on which of six varieties of Snickers I want to live forever on my hips. Once decided I am then faced with deciding to whether I want to super-size it or buy a bag of bite size, fun size, or mini Snickers.

Seriously, why can’t I just simply walk in a store, reach for my Snickers, and have it be the one I grew up on and have loved for years? Furthermore, why so many kinds of Oreos and why today can’t I tell the difference between a pack of chewing gum and a box of condoms?

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