Fishing Hole?

paint creek dti to felson pk
Paint Creek between SR 28 & Felson Pk.

When I was a kid in the 1950s Paint Creek was our video game or Internet chat room. We’d sit on the banks, fish, and talk about things face to face. Our favorite part of the creek was from the Mill Dam to Red Bridge near the sewage treatment plant.

Lots of things have changed since then with one being the water level between the DT&I trestle and Felson Park is much lower today. Back then there was a small stone dam near the park that raised the level so enough water was impounded to meet the needs of the village’s electric power plant.

This resulted in the banks being less steep and more easily accessible and possibly better fishing. Fishing was a major draw to that area and a principal source of recreation. I’d like to see some of that come back but I think it may need some research and thought.

Several years ago I asked the Army Corps of Engineers about replacing the dam and raising the water level. While they didn’t say it couldn’t be done they did mention something about hell freezing over.

That leaves us with a creek that may be too shallow for fishing and banks too high for many people. So, what I want to know is, how’s the fishing? Have any of you fished the stretch between the SR 28 bridge and the area around Felson Park? Could a wooden structure (fishing pier) be constructed near the beginning of the bicycle path for handicapped and others to fish from? Building such would need cleaning away some of the growth and all this would be in a flood plain and require the consent of the Corps of Engineers.

I’d certainly appreciate some reader input about this since it’s been years since I fished for frequented that area. Seems like it is a resource that should be better developed.

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