365 Things to do in Greenfield, Ohio

I saw a list of 365 things to do in Cincinnati and felt challenged to develop a similar list for Greenfield. I simply find it hard to tolerate people saying there’s never anything to do. Feel free to add to the list. Just use the comments section at the end of this article.

  1. Take a walk along the bike path.
  2. Visit a local rest home and have a chat with a resident.
  3. Watch a little league baseball game at Mitchell Park.
  4. Go fishing in the pond at Mitchell Park.
  5. Sit on a bench on the village lawn and watch the world pass by.
  6. Offer to mentor or tutor a child at Greenfield Schools.
  7. Volunteer to be a pink lady at the hospital.
  8. Attend a Spark Creative Artspace event.
  9. Attend a G3 event.
  10. Teach a Sunday School class.

  1. Adopt a block or street and pick up the litter on occasion.
  2. Take your grandson or a neighbor’s child fishing at Paint Creek.
  3. Have lunch at Three Spoons Diner.
  4. Visit the GHS on Thursday afternoons and scan through the old Greenfield Daily Times archives.
  5. Walk out to the library and read a magazine or city newspaper.
  6. Go to the library every day for 365 days and check out a DVD to watch at home (list complete!)
  7. Wave at people you don’t know and start a long conversation with them.
  8. Take your grandson out to the skate park at Mitchell Park.
  9. Organize a summer corn hole tournament for the kids and/or adults in your neighborhood.
  10. Go fishing down by the DT&I tressle.
  11. Walk out to the old Mill Dam and see if the fishing is still good there.
  12. Have a pizza burger and a chocolate shake at the Dairy Nook.
  13. Offer to take the neighbor’s dog for a walk.
  14. Clean up the vaccant lot down the street.
  15. Search for a local church to become active in.
  16. Take a couple of neighborhood children to the playground at Mitchell Park or the school.
  17. Read F.R. Harris’ book, Greene Countrie Towne.
  18. Read F.R. Harris’ book, Hometown Cronicles.
  19. Pick some aspect of Greenfield history and become the reigning expert on it.
  20. Teach the neighboor kid how to play Jacks.
  21. Start a marbles league for senior citizens.
  22. Schedule a monthly lunch with a few high school friends.
  23. Set up a weather station and become a weather reporter for NOAA.
  24. Walk to the edge of town and wave to people arriving. Become the village greeter. Some fellow did this in Laguna Beach, CA and the town erected a statue to his memory after he passed. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Eiler_Larsen
  25. Take the cemetery walk next time the GHS offers it.
  26. On June 1st come to the Paddle on Paint Creekfest and buy a fish sandwich.
  27. Take an out of town friend on a tour of McClain High School.
  28. Help establish a sense of community and organize a neighborhood block party.
  29. If you don’t know your next door neighbor take a six-pack of something over and introduce yourself.
  30. If you don’t sit on your front porch…start!
  31. Drive out to Sim’s Golf Center and drive a bucket of balls.
  32. Decorate your house for Christmas.
  33. Start a part time business.
  34. Have a yard sale as part of the annual community yard sale.
  35. Start a monthly Saturday morning flea market in Shopko’s parking lot.
  36. Go watch the McClain Tiger’s play football.
  37. Go watch the McClain Tiger’s play basketball
  38. Go downtown or to the cemetery and observe the annual Memorial Day Parade and ceremony.
  39. Dress up like a freak and walk in the annual Halloween Parade.
  40. Teach your grandkids not to pull your finger.
  41. Join a veteran’s organization.
  42. Teach yourself how to make a cigar box guitar.
  43. Learn how to play a simple song on the cigar box guitar you made.
  44. Give the cigar box guitar you made to a neighbor kid and make another one.
  45. Keep this up until you have a community band of cigar box guitar players.
  46. Float down Paint Creek to the Rattlesnake landing on a tube, kayak, canoe, or John boat.
  47. Volunteer to help out at the Historical Society.
  48. Get involved in a hobby.
  49. Learn how to brew your own beer.
  50. Learn how to make your own wine.
  51. Build yourself a simple smoker and learn to cook great barbecue.
  52. Join the garden club.
  53. Study and share the history of the C.R. Patterson Company.
  54. Read Christopher Nelson’s book about the Patterson Company.
  55. Research and record the several Greenfield homes that were active in the Underground Railway.
  56. When Spark gets a permanent home sign up for piano lessons.
  57. Attend the fourth annual Oktoberfest in late September.
  58. Attend the third annual Blues, Brews & Stews Winterfest next February.
  59. Spend at least one day at this year’s Wheels of Progress Festival.
  60. If you house looks like a pig sty, clean it up.
  61. Greenfield’s streets are perfect for riding your bicycle. They are mostly free of traffic.
  62. Bob the circuit with a couple of friends.
  63. Load up the wife and take a drive along the AME Trail.
  64. Go have a great cheeseburger and cold beer at Furman’s.
  65. Have lunch at El Canon Mexican restaurant and try something you’ve never had before.
  66. Ask a local downtown business if you could put a bench in front of their store. Get some friends to chip in on it and start up a liars bench.
  67. Start a back yard garden and share the harvest with your neighbors. Hell, get them to help you hoe the weeds.
  68. Get your neighbors to chip in and plant canopy trees along your block’s curb line.
  69. Adopt an elderly neighbor and keep tabs on their needs.
  70. Make a frequent memory with your grandchildren.
  71. Sign up for a pottery workshop at SSCC. Click HERE for info.
  72. Break out the trumpet you played in high school and limber up your lip.
  73. Once you got your groove back work on starting up a community orchestra.
  74. Audition for a part in one of the frequent plays put on by SSCC.
  75. Joint or start a barbershop quartet.
  76. Sit on your porch or a downtown bench and teach yourself how to whittle. Then pass your knowledge on to a kid.
  77. Buy a Lee Osker harmonica and learn how to play some blues or cowboy music.
  78. Take up bird watching
  79. Build some bird feeding stations and learn their habits during those cold winter days.
  80. Ask the kid next door to teach you how to get the most out of your computer.
  81. Pick a topic you’re interested in and watch every YouTube video you can find about it.
  82. Get permission of the property owner and start a graffiti wall where people can let their inner spray can express itself.
  83. Partner up with a business owner and a few artistic friends and paint an outdoor mural.
  84. Go fly a kite. Teach a kid to build kites. Help start a kite festival in the spring.
  85. Volunteer to read a children’s book at a library story hour.
  86. Start a baby sitting service.
  87. Start a business doing grocery shopping for elderly or handicapped people.
  88. With property owner’s permission convert a vacant lot in your neighborhood into a wiffle ball field.
  89. If your yard is big enough put up a badminton net and invite the neighbors over.
  90. Support the Greenfield Farmer’s Market. Every Thursday go buy a cucumber or something.
  91. Drive or walk out to Joe’s Party Shop and buy a six-pack of Portsmouth Brewing Co. beer.
  92. Call Willie Cross and have him come to your house and give you a massage.
  93. Call Kenny Humphries and have him spring clean your carpets.
  94. Learn all you can abou the West Settlement.
  95. Join a genealogy group and research your family’s history.
  96. Next time the Eagles has live music take your sweetie dancing.
  97. Learn how to play bridge.
  98. Rent an empty storefront and open a card/game room for playing pitch, euchre, poker, chess, checkers, etc.

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