How far away were you?

usmapGot to talking with a waitress today and she said she had worn a t-shirt with Greenfield, OH on the back while riding motorcycles in the Louisville, KY area. Some woman came up to her and remarked that she had once lived in Greenfield and began listing the names and places she recalled. I related a couple of times this had happened to me and it made me wonder what other people have experienced.

On two separate occasions we were in Disney World, FL and ran into people from Greenfield. First time it was in a parking lot shuttle on the way back to our car. A voice behind us said, “Hey, Mr. Chapman, what are you doing here?” Turned out to be a former student and her husband. Second time was seeing the Ron Coffee family sitting on a bench in the MGM Studio.

On another occasion Fred Martin and I were touring the USS North Carolina at Wilmington, NC when the son of Ann Gessner Pence, Wes, came strolling through compartment we were standing in.

In 1969 I was sitting in the lunch room at Villa Park, CA high school and was talking to an English teacher. He asked where I was from and I said Ohio. He replied that his wife was from a small town in Ohio. I asked which one and he said it was a little town called Leesburg. Can’t tell you how shocked I was. Turned out he had spent time in Leesburg and had been to Greenfield many times buying groceries at Uhl’s IGA.

Finally, on several occasions I bumped into Greenfielders while serving in the Navy. Dane Clyburn and Randy Tooker while in boot camp in Illinois. Billy Joe Ruddell, Richard Barton, and Fred Martin in Newport, RI.

Just goes to show you can never get totally away from home. It may be a big world but people do get around.

Now, let’s hear your stories. Please post them in the comments section below.

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  1. I ran into your brother, Joe, while at a bait store at Lake Okeechobee Florida, around 6:30 AM and I saw this strange looking guy with a McClain jacket on.

  2. Years ago when I was an exchange student I lived at a B & B in the rural English Countryside. A couple and their son came to stay for the evening. They were from New Zealand and had just travelled to the UK following a visit to the States… in Ohio…in Washington C.H. As it turns out their daughter had been an exchange student and lived in W.C.H. They had gone to visit the host family, who I also knew. It was mind boggling.

  3. Long ago hubs and I went to Virginia to go to the wedding of his grad school roommate. The roommate said no one would ever find them on their honeymoon. It ended up that we met up near Nag’s Head. We were at a restaurant on the beach, he came in to buy tickets to The Lost Colony.” None of us could believe it.

    Not quite the same, but our son and his wife met up with strangers from Kentucky while at Disney World last June. It turned out that their last name is Ashley, the shared some of the family stories familiar to him. Yep, long-lost relatives at least four generations back. No one has traced it back yet. Hubs’ dad was born in Kentucky, his family moved to Illinois over 100 years ago.

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