You have no right to food, air, and water

nestle ceo on waterI saw this  photo posted on my Facebook news feed recently and found it difficult to believe. But, after some fact checking I learned it was true . The CEO of Nestle, the world’s largest food company, openly and proudly declared that water (the most basic requirement of life on earth) should not be a natural right but instead, it should be viewed as a foodstuff and assigned a market value. I’m sure his views have no relationship to Nestle being a major seller of bottled water.

For centuries basic food staples have been allocated by market economics and the Monsantos of the ag-biz industry are rapidly patenting even the seeds needed to grow a common garden. Increasingly the world’s farmers cannot set aside a portion of their crop as seeds for next year’s crop, thus lowering growing and consumption costs. The bulk of all farming today uses genetically altered and patented seeds the large corporations have almost total control over. Monsanto owns the herbicide Roundup and according to the New York Times their Roundup Ready seeds account for 90% of America’s soybean crop and 70% of its corn and cotton crops. There are few supermarket foods in today’s world that don’t contain soy and corn. Try ignoring their patent rights and they will own your farm.

Will air be next? Well, in a sense breathing safe air is no longer a right. In many regions the earth’s atmosphere, for the sake of corporate profit, has become so polluted with industrial gases a healthy breath can not be had unless you are wealthy enough to live and work in buildings equipped with the technology to filter and condition its air supply. We are all aware of China having to close its factories so the air would clear enough to conduct the 2008 Beijing summer Olympics.

Global warming it is a reality that cannot be denied. One only has to look at photos of polar bears starving because they ice floes from which they hunt have mostly melted. The centuries old search for the Northwest Passage is a reality today because the Arctic ice cap is no longer. The Seychelles Islands are disappearing because of rising ocean levels. The argument is over man’s role in these changes. Well, certainly man is a major contributor, just look at climatic changes since the industrial revolution. It’s undeniable and it’s been driven by capitalism’s unrelenting demand for increasing profit and power.

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