Plans in the works, FYI

greenfield ohio on state mapAlthough the details are in their infancy I just thought I’d give you a heads up on some events on the horizon.

  • Greening Greater Greenfield (G3) is tossing around several ideas that may get off the ground in the coming months. First they are trying to make a community or neighborhood gardening project available as a basic resource for the village.  Secondly, the details are being worked out for a float down Paint Creek for Sunday afternoon, June 1, 2014. G3 has made arrangements with a kayak/canoe livery to provide the equipment and transportation for a 3-mile trip beginning at the bottom of South Street and ending just as Paint Creek enters the lake. An even larger extension of the event might include a community fish fry later in the afternoon.
  • SPARK! Creative Artspace has plans for their introductory events in late March. Beginning with an evening adult “Wine and Canvas” fundraiser followed by a children’s fundraiser “Cupcakes and Canvas” on the following Saturday. A free activity for younger children is also being planned.
  • G3 is holding their 2nd Annual Blues, Brews & Stews Winter Festival on February 22 at the Greenfield Eagles Lodge. A goodly portion of the proceeds will go to help fund SPARK! This event is also being helped out by the Visitors Bureau of Highland County.
  • Three Spoons Diner and myself are planning a special menu to celebrate Mardi Gras and raise some money to help fund SPARK!. The date will be March 4 and the menu will be based on tradition New Orléans Creole and Cajun dishes.

As is evidenced, there are lots of people trying to accomplish lots of good for Greenfield and its people. Your responsibility is at minimum to show up and take part. All you have to lose is your fun!

If you know of anything else that being planned fire me an email.

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