G3 Blues, Brews & Stews Cook Off Rules & Entry Form

Official Rules and Regulations for the Chili and Stew Cooks for the
Greenfield Blues, Brews and “Stews” Cook-Off

The following rules are to be adhered to by all cook-off organizers, cooks and/or assistants:

1. True chili is defined as any kind of meat or combination of meats cooked with chili peppers, various other spices and other ingredients with the exceptions of items such as beans or spaghetti, which are normally STRICTLY FORBIDDEN. For most Chili Aficionados, such things are considered “fillers” and should be served on the side.However, potofchilithis being Ohio, the use of “fillers” will be allowed. Entries in the Stews portion of the judging may be any meat, fish, fowl or vegetarian variation of a liquid based preparation. Each entry shall be labeled as to its primary ingredient as to allow persons wishing to avoid certain meats to make an informed choice. If your dish contains pork, seafood or any nut product, please label it so.

2. There will be no entry fee for contestants. Contestants may enter more than 1 dish for judging. There will be a 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place trophy or plaque.

3. All ingredients must be pre-cooked & treated prior to the event – chili and “stews” are to be brought “ready-to-eat”

4. Contestants are responsible for supplying all of their own serving utensils & products relating to their chili submission and maintenance of its proper temperature for serving. Power strips will be available to plug in hot plates and electric pots. Spoons and cups for use by the general public will be provided by the organizers.


5. Each contestant must cook a minimum of four (4) quarts for competition.

6. Each contestant will be assigned a “contestants number” by the Grand Chili Pubah. Each contestant should verify that the number on their presentation container is the same as their contestants’ number assigned to them by the Grand Chile Pubah.

7. The decision of the Grand Chili Pubah is final. Judging will be based on the amount of money deposited by the public into the containers at each entry. The public will be encouraged to place donations into the containers representing their favorite chili or “stew”. The top three in each category will be the winners. All funds collected will be donated to civic use in Greenfield as determined by the sponsoring organization.

8. Each contestant is responsible for policing and cleaning up the area at the end of the day and removing all items from the area. No items shall be allowed to remain after the close of the Cook-off. Anything left behind will be discarded as waste or unwanted items!


In this competition the chili and “stew” will be blind judged (no one knows the identity of the cook). The tasting public will be encouraged to use these posted criteria for their judging:

1. Texture: The texture of the meat shall not be tough or mushy.
2. Flavor: The chili should have good flavoring and chili pepper taste (not too hot or not too mild). “Stews” should be flavorful and have a taste that could not be confused with chili.
3. Consistency: Chili and “stew” should be a smooth combination of meat and gravy not too thin or too thick.
4. Spice and taste: Blending of the spices and how well they have permeated the protein or vegetable of choice.
5. Aroma: This will be a personal preference of the voters.
6. Color: The submitted chili or “stew” should look appetizing.

Each person submitting an entry shall sign and acknowledge these rules.

Entry forms must be emailed to or received by the Grand Chili Pubah by February 15, 2014. Mail to Desha Co., 1010 Jefferson St., Greenfield, OH 45123 or email to desha.llc@hotmail.com

Entry Form: Blues, Brews and Stews

I will have Chili ____________ Stew ___________. I have read and understand this convoluted mess of a rules sheet and will comply. Signed


Contestant printed name Address


Telephone or Email ______________________________

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