Oh McClain, School of Beauty

Sometime in the mid-1990s a group of people decided to put on a show in Greenfield. They got a big barn (the McClain Auditorium) to stage it in and called on the talents of a lot of people with roots in Greenfield, Ohio. The finished production lasted a couple of hours and was performed twice. My wife and I attended the first evening are were simply awe-struck. The evening ended with the singing of Margaret Beaver’s McClain Alma Mater by a community alumni choir. Being a graduate of MHS and having spent most of my teaching career in Room 202 of that legendary school, I was simply stunned by the quality of the performance. The next evening I went back, armed with a tape recorder, in time to catch and record that night’s finale.

I was recently backing up a computer hard drive and came across the mp3 of that recording. It wouldn’t do if I didn’t share it with all of you who got your start in life by walking down the marble stairs of E.L. McClain High School. Oh McClain, school of beauty.

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