The More You Toot!

Larry 'n NassauMost people love to create and read lists. In my classroom days I often used something called The Book of List as a teaching resource and the students always enjoyed it. We have our list of favorite books, favorite short stories, favorite songs, artist, chefs, TV programs, etc.

Now, if I ask you to come up with a personal list of funniest movie scenes which would be your number one? For me there isn’t any question because it is the one movie scene in which I literally almost died laughing. My all-time funniest is the fart scene from Blazing Saddles.

I was sitting in the Rand Theater with two close friends, both of whom had already seen the movie and knew what was in store as the camera closed in on the gang of bad guys sitting around the camp fire eating their evening tin plates of beans.

Their snickers and snorts became infectious and started me laughing several seconds before the first guy even raised a leg. Like so many people my age I grew up on Western movies and must have seen dozens of chuck wagon scenes like the one in Saddles. I always knew that in real life those cow pokes had to suffer horribly from a diet rich in pintos and bacon. But here was Mel Brooks letting all my imagined fart scenes come to life on the wide screen in Dolby stereo and full living color.

It was simply more than I could take. I began to laugh out loud and could NOT stop. I truly laughed so hard I couldn’t take a breath. I was saying to myself, “You’re going to die if you don’t quit laughing long enough to take a breath,” but, I couldn’t quit. The more I laughed the more my friends laughed and the closer I came to death. Finally, just short of passing out, I managed to suck in some air and regain a little control over my respiratory system.

Blazing Saddles is overall the funniest movie I’ve ever seen and any list of funny film scenes is going to include several clips from it. Back when VHS players became affordable one of the first tapes I purchased was my very own copy of BS (I now have it on DVD) and every couple of years I’ll break it out and relive that evening at the Rand. It will never have the effect it did way back when but, by God, it still makes me laugh out loud.

Here’s the BS fart scene I found on YouTube. Enjoy!

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