Future of Lightning Bugs

Larry 'n NassauI recently had lunch with a former student who has lived for many years in the Pacific Northwest. She and her husband were back in Ohio visiting relatives and during our conversation she ask, “Where did all the lightning bugs go?”

Having not given the subject much thought it did prompt me to think that lightning bugs do not seem as prominent as they once were. Thinking back I can recall the air over a soybean field being totally aglow with fireflies on a warm summer night. We could look out our living room windows and see dozens of lit up bug tails in the clearing of our woods.

These days, now that I’ve begun paying attention while taking the dog out at night, I only see the occasional flicker among the trees and bushes in our yard. So, I did a quick Google and discovered that lightning bugs are indeed an endangered specie. It is believed by some scientists they will be extinct within the next forty to sixty years.

The major factors threatening them is loss of habitat and light pollution. I’d probably add wide-spread use of insecticides and too many kids stuffing too many bugs into too many mayonnaise jars to the list.

Read more on lightning bugs and what you can do to help ensure their future. Click HERE.

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