The New Yard Selling 101

Larry 'n NassauThe days of posting an ad in the local classifieds and stapling some crudely drawn signs on a few utility poles are rapidly disappearing. As smartphones become more common the more yard sellers are going to have to convert to advertising their sales on smartphone applications.

I discovered this a couple of years ago while winding my way around Columbus, looking for bargains. I had found a website named to which dozens of people had posted, for free, the sales they were having. I simply chose which sales interested me, printed out an address map and armed with my trusty Tom-Tom gps I became a yard sale machine.

Well, since then it has only gotten better. Several companies have written free applications for smartphones that will show you where yard sales are occurring, show you a list of what’s being offered, and if your smartphone has gps capability, navigate you to the sale with voice directions. Mine will even show me a photo of the home that is having the sale just so I’ll know I’m at the correct location.

To make any of these programs work the seller first has to be aware of them and then to post their sale information to the applications. This can normally be done using a desktop or notebook PC. Once sales have been posted anyone using the apps will be shown on a map where sales are occurring in the area they are driving through.

The two applications I have learned to rely on are Yard Sale Treasure Map and Garage Sale Rover. Each is free and available in both the Android and Apple formats. If you don’t have a smartphone you can still use these programs by going to their respective websites on your PC and printing out a map for the area you want to hunt in.

My son and I recently went South and on Friday and Saturday going down, and the same coming back, we used my cell phone to guide us to some great buys. It’s very empowering, especially being in an unknown area and given the cost of gasoline it can be a real money saver. An added bonus was almost always finding other sales along the way that weren’t posted to an app.

So, if you’re planning an upcoming sale and you want to inexpensively maximize your exposure you just have to become familiar with these resources.

YouTube Tutorial on using Garage Sale Rover.

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