Snowden, an Affair of the Heart

Larry 'n NassauSaw a headline this morning that caught my attention and provoked a little thought. It declared that Steve Wozniak, co-founder of Apple, believes Edward Snowden to be a hero because what he did came from his heart. I had to ask myself, what does heart have to do with revealing government secrets or breaking a law? Is this some sort of new excuse to justify doing what one wants? “Well your Honor, my heart told me to steal that Mercedes,” or, “I killed my wife because she broke my heart.” While lots of Americans may love their Apple iPhone I’m betting The Woz is in the minority on this one.

This whole Snowden issue is a bit of a farce anyway. While the cable pseudo-news channels

can’t resist their endlessly speculate over Snowden’s location and the debate rages over him being a hero or a traitor, the truth is, it’s hardly newsworthy.

After all, who doesn’t know that the government and corporate America keeps tabs on us.  Who doesn’t know that since 9/11 the National Security Agency (NSA), under both the Bush and Obama administrations, has had carte blanche permission to monitor our means of communications. Yeah, there is this thing called the FISA Court which is supposed to keep our Fifth Amendment right to privacy protected but, the FISA judges have seldom denied the government’s request to ease drop.

In this world of the Internet, social media, email, texting, relying on credit cards, ubiquitous security cameras, and being constantly involved with our smart phones, we all make our private lives an open book. Only those who are still living a 1960s cash only lifestyle can assume they still have a high degree of privacy. The rest of us are but organisms on a microscope’s glass slide.

So really, what’s the big deal about Snowden telling the world what the world already knows? How is telling the Russians and Chinese that we’re watching them as they watch us newsworthy or a threat against national security? The only real issue here is simply that Edward Snowden broke some serious ass laws for reasons that hardly justify the shit storm that is raining down on him. If he had revealed things that spoke of government corruptions that we didn’t already know about maybe I could get onboard with Wozniak and better understand his motives as being “heart” driven. As it is, however, Snowden’s is just another story of a guy shooting himself in the head over a perceived affair of the heart.

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