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Larry 'n NassauAs we all know there are three major political scandals dominating the news cycle these days. There’s the never-ending conspiracy drama about the attack on America’s outpost in Benghazi, the admitted use of the IRS to harass conservative groups, and the Justice Department’s confiscation of the Associated Press’ telephone logs. I suppose everyone has an opinion so I’ll offer mine.

President Obama has often said the thing over Benghazi is just a political sideshow staged by the GOP to gain some political advantage. Rep. Darrell Issa (R-CA) is leading the charge in the House claiming the Obama administration created a ton of “talking points” for covering up the truth of what happened. Issa’s main evidence is based on a supposed email from the State Department proving a conspiracy to hide the truth. Today, May 15, it was revealed that the actual email said nothing that would support the claims of Issa and his supporters. In fact, the email clearly shows that all Obama’s people were trying to do is dispel the abounding misinformation and get the various agencies on the same track. In other words, GOP zero, Obama one.

Regarding the IRS scandal, it’s a no brainer. It is wrong, it is illegal, it is un-American, it contradicts the basic principles of a free society, it is an abuse of government power, it isn’t fair, it isn’t moral, it isn’t ethical, and somebody’s head should be served up on a platter. Matter of fact, I can think of two heads that should roll, first the woman in charge of the department from which the harassment originated, Lois G. Lerner, and secondly, the head of the IRS, Steven Miller. The GOP has every right to be upset about this action and Congress should act to discover the truth and to legislate against such future behavior. Current score, GOP one, Obama one.

Finally, there’s the Associated Press, freedom of the press, brouhaha. On the surface this one looks like a duck, walks like a duck, but I’m not yet sure it talks like a duck. I don’t think enough information has come out to really question the actions of the Justice Department. I’m willing to wait for further details but Eric Holder and his raft of DOJ ducks are on horribly thin ice here. He is going to have to prove beyond doubt that national security was so threatened it justified pushing aside a major Constitutional protection. I personally have strong feelings about freedom of expression, especially when it comes to interfering with the role a free press plays in keeping the politicians straight. Freedoms of speech and press are how We the People keep the rats away from the cheese. Update on score, game currently tied but possible touchdown under review.

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  1. The U.S. Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration (TIGTA) report is available on-line. Search TIGTA 501(c)(4) report. It’s about 50 pages and very informative.

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