Fling Barn happenings

I have known Justin Aymx since he was a kid but have never heard him play guitar. Everyone speaks about how talented he is and it’s always bothered me that I’ve never caught one of his gigs.

He recently performed at the Fling Barn and events made it impossible to attend. I ran into Bill Fling last week and he told me Justin and his group were going to be back at the barn and opening for Commander Cody. Remember the Commander and his Lost Planet Airmen? Back in the 70s they had such hits as Lost in the Ozone Again and Hot Rod Lincoln. In more recent years the Commander has made the rounds of blues festivals and a regular on the Blues Cruise circuit.

Anyway, I just checked the calendar and discovered Cody will be performing on June 1 and again I have a schedule conflict and will probably miss another chance to see Justin in action.

The good news is that the Lewis Brothers will be at the barn on May 25 and my dance card is empty that night. If you’ve never seen the Lewis Brothers and you would enjoy an eclectic mix of folk, country, roots, and rock you should drive to Berryville on the 25th. They are wonderful and the Fling Barn is a great and affordable venue.

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