2 thoughts on “What’s Your Reality?”

  1. Consider this idea:

    * They travel around in a couple converted buses, Prevosts, for example. They live in them, but they can petition to change buses, or perhaps have games that let them decide which bus. But getting along together in these large, but not large enough quarters is part of it,

    * Each contestant gets a turn at deciding which town to head to next, or play games for the right to decide,

    * At these towns they stop at the first available Karaoke venue for that evening; if there’s none, they play games, go on to another town, wait a day playing more games or sightseeing, play drink and survive games, or something.
    * Then when Karaoke begins, Karaoke being the main focus of the reality show, they each sing a song and earn points and/or are “voted” off by the audience response. (I don’t know, but maybe bars will have to be notified ahead of time, and the audience cannot change dramatically until all have sang; anyway, once someone approves, accepts and starts work on the idea, we’ll begin to hash out the details.)

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