Value of Slavery

FACTOID: At the height of American slavery nothing had more economic worth than the value of slaves except for the value of the American land itself. Slavery was truly ingrained in America’s economic system, North and South.

One thought on “Value of Slavery”

  1. This may be a good place to ask, if only so that I can make an applicable comment, if there’s any truth to the following story:

    Abraham Lincoln, I assume before he became President, happened upon a slave auction and bid on and won the high bid for a slave girl. He immediately freed her and offered to buy her a train ticket to wherever she wished to go.

    And she said, “Mr. Lincoln, I wish to go with you.”

    And if there is any truth to the story above, I’d then wonder if the above had-been-slave girl is the same one that attributed to rumor that he fathered a child with a slave or former slave.

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