I was talking with one of my fellow retirees recently and we both remarked about how we don’t seem to ever accomplish much but we get every minute of the day filled. In my thirties I taught school, drove a bus route, ran a bicycle shop, served on the city council and still managed to have time to watch some TV or take my wife out to diner. These days if I plan to accomplish three things in a day, two usually don’t get done.

My friend remarked that some days he doesn’t do anything while on others he begins a project and then quits. I smiled a bunch when he said, “Some days I wait until noon before doing nothing.”

One thought on “Retirement”

  1. I am experiencing the same thing. Sometimes I think I suddenly lack focus. Sometimes I think I need to experience “fear” to get things done. A good panic attack seems to spur me into action. Maybe I need to get a new boss or get rid of email and Facebook. Keeping up with everyone really eats up my day!

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