Notes on Ageing #1

larry photo for blogWhen I turned seventy last April a friend of mine said the best thing about it was that now nobody could say you died young. By that comment she was, in part, saying I am no longer young. So, I’ve decided that I now should begin taking notes about what it is like entering the post-seventy phase of life.

Of course the things one notices don’t magically begin at a certain age, they slowly and gradually slip up on you and reach a frequency you simply can’t ignore. Nor, can you explain them away as having nothing to do with increasing age.

My first “note on ageing” shouldn’t gross any one out. But, be forewarned that not everything will be nice and sanitary. You’ve certainly heard that getting old and needing attention isn’t much different than being an infant and needing attention. After all, they make disposable diapers for both age groups.

So, let’s begin with the morning’s coffee. I have a Kuerig coffee maker and most mornings I’m perfectly capable of making myself a good cup of brew without mishap. This morning wasn’t one of them. Here’s what I did correctly; I turned it on, I checked the water level, I put a fresh single-cup dispenser in the machine, I placed my thermo coffee mug in the proper locale, I set the cup size correctly, and I successfully hit the “brew” button. When the machine stopped whirling and hissing I noticed a dark liquid on the counter surrounding the machine. Seems I had forgotten to take the lid off the cup before placing it into the machine and the coffee dispensed to the counter and not the cup. This would be but one reason they make paper towels.

This isn’t the first mistake I’ve made with the Kuerig machine. In the past I’ve forgotten to put a coffee pod in and ended up with a steaming cup of hot water, I’ve forgotten to place a cup under the spigot, I’ve pushed the button for a large cup when using a medium cup, and I’m sure I’ve forgotten other things but I have forgotten what they were.

Forgetting seems to play a major part in taking notes on ageing.

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  1. Barb, I’m depending on my fellow geriatric travelers to share their experiences in the comments section. Dump it in and spread the joy of senior citizenship!

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