Biden’s the Man

larry photo for blogI came across two headlines about vice president Joe Biden. Mike Barnacle said that Biden is the best VP in modern presidential history. NYC’s mayor Bloomfield said it is Biden who should be the hero of the LGBT crowd for pushing their agenda forward.

I’ve always liked Biden. I like his smile, his positive nature, his intelligence, his vast experience, his average Joe personality, and that he speaks his mind and sometimes says things that others may not find funny. Biden’s the guy you want to have a beer with and so was George W. The difference is that Biden has what it takes to be president and Bush never did.

When Biden ran for the presidency in 2008 he was my candidate of choice. I hung with him until it became obvious he couldn’t overcome Obama or Clinton. When Obama picked him for the VP it made me very happy and I think it has been proven many times it was a wise choice.

The talking heads are chattering about Biden running in 2016 and I wish they weren’t. But, if he did, I for one, would have to give him serious consideration.

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