My Gal Sal Hangs in NOLA

larry photo for blogSeveral years ago Connie Clyburn told me about a project her employer was involved in, the restoration of a WWII Boeing B-17 bomber named My Gal Sal. The plane had crash landed on the ice fields of Greenland during the war and forgotten for decades.

Years later several Americans learned of the wreckage and mounted an effort to salvage what had survived the strong Arctic winds. At great difficulty and expense they disassembled the remains and had them shipped back to the American Northwest where they remained, untouched, for several more years.

Finally, Connie’s boss, Bob Ready, purchased the plane and organized a group of Cincinnati volunteers, many of them WWII veterans, to put it all together again. It took years and countless volunteer hours but My Gal Sal was given back her life and placed in a museum at the Blue Ash airport.

When the airport closed Ready made arrangements to donate the plane to the National World War Two Museum in New Orleans. The Boeing corporation has erected a special building to house the B-17 along with other examples of WWII aircraft.

The building, The Boeing Center, is being dedicated on January 11 and 12, 2013 and Connie will be making the trip to NOLA to take part.

Here are a couple of video links about the recovery and restoration of My Gal Sal as well as it’s installation in The Boeing Center in New Orleans.

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  1. Hey there Larry and Janet This was a very interesting post . Thank you for this information. So glad that the plane is housed to preserve her contribution to our history as a nation.

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