For Beer Lovers Only!

larry photo for blogI love beer. More accurately, I love the kinds of beers that most Americans don’t consume. I don’t drink Miller Lite, Bud Light, ices, malt liquors, and most brews that are golden in color. I love dark ales, bocks, stouts, and porters. Brews that truly are the liquid bread that old monks consumed as nutrition during times of fast. As a lover of beer today’s America is the best its ever been in my lifetime. Gone are the days when your choice was limited to Bud, Miller, Pabst, or Coors. Almost all carry outs have a decent assortment of crafted or micro brews t choose from.

Anyway, if you’re a beer lover and enjoy reading about the history of beer as you sip your favorite suds, here’s a link to something you may enjoy. There’s even nice pictures to look at. Click HERE.

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