Asswipes All

larry photo for blogI’ve been attempting to lay low about politics but it’s always difficult for me. In recent days a couple of news items have prompted me to come out of the bushes.

First is the situation in New Jersey and New York City and the devastation experienced from hurricane Sandy. Untold people have had their lives literally turned upside down while Washington politicians, mostly conservative Republicans, have used the matter for ideological positioning. Both affected states, NJ and NY, pay into the federal coffers far more than they get back. States like Mississippi are always on the list of those who receive far more than they pay in. But, yesterday I read that some conservative GOP congressman from a coastal area of MS had refused to vote for aid to the victims of Sandy in spite of how much federal aid his state has received following Katrina and the gulf oil spill. To add insult to injury this asswipe even traveled to NJ to tour the devastation.

Some have suggested his refusal to support the relief bill was because of pork that had been attached to the bill. Well, pork is always attached to a bill, especially one that has a high priority. It has always been that way, it is done by all politicians. and I bet you a dollar to a dime this asswipe from Mississippi has done it himself more than once. If pork is his concern I suggest that immediately after the needs of Sandy’s victims are met he turn his attention to genuinely changing the system.

The other news item that caught my eye and earned an asswipe award is AIG and their threat of suing the federal government over the $182 billion federal loan they received and which kept them from going under when the economy tanked in 2008.

AIG was a major player in the collapse and without federal involvement the company would have ceased to exist. But, thanks to the bailout it continues to do business and is doing well enough to have paid off its federal loan plus a substantial interest payment to the American taxpayer.

But, not being content to show their appreciation by simply thanking America their board of directors is considering suing the government because they feel the amount of interest they had to pay was too high and had cost their share holders too much money.

Just try to get your brain around that one. If the American people had not bet on their survival and loaned them the money those share holders would today have zero of their investment. Thanks to the generosity of the people, however, those share holders continue to own something of value, something that may be paying a dividend again, and may continue to do so in the future.

If ever there were two classic examples of dogs biting the hands that feed them these may be it. As one commentator said, these are examples of a patient suing the doctor who had just saved their life. Maybe there is a more proper term to describe these people but for me, asswipe will suffice.

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  1. the part that pisses me off is that their debt was wiped away at the stroke of a pen. everyone who had a loan with these banks that lost their jobs suddenly are being foreclosed on in record numbers.

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