Nineteen Shootings and Counting

larry photo for blogI meant to keep track of how many people have died as a result of random acts of gun violence since the horrible shooting of US Representative, Gabby Giffords in Tuscon on January 8, 2011. Someplace along the way I lost count but I just read a headline claiming that since the events at Virginia Tech in 2007 there have been nineteen such acts. The Virginia Tech shooting remains the most deadly mass shooting in American History by a single shooter, 32 dead and 17 wounded.

Since 2007 untold numbers of Americans have fallen victim to gun violence and still the nation refuses to have a serious discussion about the volume of guns in this nation and the ease with which they can be had. The gun industry, the NRA, and what I consider radical gun owners just cling tighter to their Second Amendment rights and refuse to admit that gun violence could be connected to the ocean of easily acquired fire arms in America.

I haven’t confirmed it, but recently I heard someone say that every state now has a form of conceal and carry law and many in the gun lobby, following last week’s carnage in Connecticut, insist the answer to this insanity is increased numbers of armed citizens.

Truthfully, I don’t know why America is such a violent place or why American’s are so connected to firearms. The truth I do know, however, is that in the family of “civilized” nations none are as heavily armed or as willing to kill each other as we Americans are.

Guns do kill people, people with guns do kill people, and people with fewer guns don’t kill as many people.

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  1. I predict that one of the next five mass shootings will occur in a Walmart by a Walmart employee who has made careful plans so as to hit exactly 100, no more no less. This will be a person who loves America and firmly believes that she is doing her duty to make America a better place by doing her part to end the sweatshop experience that has become too commonplace for America and Americans believing (with some validity) that Walmart provides such an experience by only hiring people part time with no verifiable benefits. Of course this employee will kill as many managerial staff as possible, but in order to reach 100 will also kill other “associates” and customers, believing that all of the above are guilty of allowing the Walmart anti-American-dream regime to continue, the customers for shopping there, the associates for working there, the managers for being like the Nazis who ran the death camps; unfortunately, however, this gunperson will kill very few of the real culprits, the Walmart stockholders. Necessarily, since she too works there, will plan to be victim number 100.

    In actuality, I predict that she will not succeed at reaching exactly 100. She could possibly lose count, I agree. Regardless, I feel this way because it is likely that a few of the people she shot will live because she didn’t hit them critically enough and they played dead or passed out.

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