A Little Sports Law

I Didn’t Know I’d Get Hit

Even with helmets and full pads, there are still serious risks involved with getting slammed around for a living. National Football League (NFL) players are starting to get serious about their health—and now they’re organized. More than 2,000 players accusing the NFL of failing to tell them about the neurological risks of playing football have unified their more than 80 lawsuits into one complaint, filed in federal court in Philadelphia.

Fried Fan Fanny

A Texas woman is suing the Dallas Cowboys’ for the physical pain she suffered after sitting on a boiling bench outside Cowboys Stadium, saying that she suffered third degree burns on her buttocks, requiring skin grafts, when she attended the team’s annual Blue & Silver scrimmage game and sat on a black marble bench that was “uncovered and openly exposed to the extremely hot August sun.” She claims that the team failed to warn fans that the sun might cause the bench to become “extremely hot and unreasonably dangerous.” She is seeking damages for physical pain, mental anguish, medical expenses, physical impairment and disfigurement.

Hockey Hit Hurt

Hockey is a famously physical sport, but one Michigan woman says the fighting didn’t stay on the ice after a 2009 playoff game between the Anaheim Ducks and the Detroit Redwings and claims that Ducks general manager Bob Murray assaulted her in a fit of rage following his team’s late-game loss. According to the lawsuit, Murray deliberately attacked her with a bar stool, tearing cartilage in her left shoulder and causing her to urinate blood and she lost her job as a result of her injuries. Testifying in court, Murray said that he pushed two chairs out of his path on his way to the locker room, but that he was unaware they may have hit anyone.

Puck Schmuck

A radio personality is suing the Nashville Predators after a stunt called the “human hockey puck” shockingly ended in hospitalization. Adam Davis, better known as “Intern Adam,” says the team invited him to participate in the event, in which a giant slingshot was supposed to launch him across the ice into some inflatable bowling pins. Unfortunately for Davis, the slingshot propelled him into the rink wall, breaking his ankle. The radio host claims the team never warned him about any risks associated with the event; he is seeking $25,000 in medical costs.

NFL Insurance Punts

The tale of the concussion lawsuits against the National Football League (NFL) is a tragic one. The league is facing more and more claims from former players who say the sport gave them the retirement gift of debilitating brain injury, and that the NFL didn’t do enough to warn them about the risk of concussion associated with playing football and now the league’s insurance companies want to be nowhere near the lawsuits. Several Travelers Companies Inc. subsidiaries filed suit against the NFL and other insurance companies, in an effort to avoid paying the league’s defense costs in the concussion lawsuits. This lawsuit comes just one week after the NFL sued more than 30 insurers in an attempt to force them to cover the defense costs. Travelers claims that it provided liability coverage for the league’s merchandising branch, NFL Properties, but not to the NFL itself. Therefore, it feels it should not have to pay for a joint defense.

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  1. As many my age will recall, junior high football players in the 1950s were issued old leftover leather helmets and pad from the 1930s. It was almost the same as having no protection and few, if any, parents considered it wrong. Boy have things changed!

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