Corvac Composites, LLC plans to open in Greenfield 

This is wonderful news for Greenfield and lays rest to a rumor that’s been floating around for some months now. The former R.R. Donnelly building has been purchased by Corvac Composites, a parts supplier to the automobile industry with plans to have a manufacturing facility in place by the end of the year. By 2016 Corvac hopes to provide two hundred new jobs to the community.

This story originated with the Highland County Press and may be read by clicking on the following link.

Source: Corvac Composites, LLC plans to open in Greenfield – The Highland County Press – Hillsboro, Ohio

Wages and Cost of Living for Highland County, OH

In reading an article about the positive affects of IKEA’s recent increase in minimum wages I came across a cost of living calculator from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. I looked up Highland County, OH and here’s what resulted.  NOTE: You’ll need to click on each image to enlarge

Wage Requirements:

hico a


hico b


Expected Average Incomes:


hico c

Playing for Change – The Great Communicator

playing for change logoPlaying for Change just never disappoints. Recently I MC’d a music event and I spoke briefly about the ability of musicians to communicate. It’s oft said that music is the international language and to me P for C is the proof positive that such is true. Just consider all the people in the following video and where they are located in the world and the various languages and cultures they represent. Yet, here they are coming together to offer something we can all relate and react to. Bless you P for C for helping to unite we the people.

My Grandfather’s Seersucker Suit

searsucker suitMy wife and I were sitting on the sofa this evening and I took note of how her seersucker blouse and gray hair reminded me of my grandfather who often could be seen walking along the sidewalk in his seersucker suit, white shirt, bow tie, and straw Panama hat.

My father could be a very dapper dresser and it is no surprise he inherited this trait from his father. I never saw my dad wearing seersucker but he could walk the dog in the best that Hart Schaffner Mars and Oleg Cassini could muster up.

Janet and I got to discussing how formal things were during our childhoods and how distant the thought of enduring the heat and humidity of August wearing a suit in public is to us today.  Today’s typical American probably resist even putting on shorts in August.

Just Sayin’, Iced Coffee

I never been a big fan of iced coffee but that may be changing. For several weeks now I’ve been fixing my morning cup of Kuerig and cafe bustelo coffeeonly taking a few sips before getting involved in some necessary or unnecessary activity.

Later in the afternoon I rediscover my almost full mug of coffee and and instead of tossing it I’ve been throwing in a handful of ice and cooling down with it while I mess on the Internet. Today’s flavor is a strong Cuban espresso  made by Cafe Bustelo.  I like it, I like it a lot!

An entrepreneur who turned a town around – CBS News

Hero BikeA friend of Greenfield posted this link on Facebook and it is exactly one of the major things our community needs. Some person or group with the mentality to see what we have and turn it into jobs. Read this piece and consider the impact of just a few jobs had on Greensboro, AL.

A factory would be nice but it’s not the only path to jobs and economic betterment.

Pam Dorr made use of Greensboro, Alabama’s bamboo problem and turned it into a venture that has helped revive the town’s economy

Source: An entrepreneur who turned a town around – CBS News

Hobo 63 with Delbarjo

My French cigar box guitar friend, Ludovic Fonteraud (aka Delbarjo), recently received a great new three-string from another CBG friend in Finland who builds under the name, Hobo 63. Here’s a great demo Delbarjo posted on YouTube demoing his latest instrument. It is just so smooth!

There’s a New Cookbook in Town!

Michelle Beatty Prater is a MHS graduate, resident of Leesburg, OH, and one heck of a good cook. Over the course of the past couple of years she has also become somewhat of an expert on eating a healthy diet and living a quality lifestyle.

As part of her life changes she has taken the time to author a cookbook of recipes and healthy tips on treating yourself better. The book, That’s Supper in the Burg, is now on sale at Amazon in digital format for an affordable $4.99.

In the past year, or so, Michelle has lost close to 200 pounds so I know there’s something in her book that can be of value if you have to lose a few yourself.

Michelle's Book

Jerry’s is Coming, Jerry’s is Coming, Pizza That Is!

jerry's pizza pieTracking down rumors on this humid afternoon and gave the owner of Jerry’s Pizza in Chillicothe a call regarding a rumor that they were opening a store in Greenfield.

To my delight the answer was an affirmative. They plan on opening in the building directly next to the post office, plan to offer pizza products and soft drinks, and hope to be open near the beginning of the school year.

I ask if it would be the same product they sell at their original store on Paint Street in Chillicothe and was told, “Yep, it’s the same pizza.”

The question has been raised, can Greenfield support all these restaurants? Well, I don’t know and the market will sort it all out. As you may know, few businesses are more risky than the restaurant business so we’ll just have to see. In the meantime, one more empty storefront in downtown Greenfield will again have life going on inside.

Just in to CGS’s Rumor Control

lois laneCGS’s cub reporter, Jenny Holsum just returned with the following details regarding a rumor making the rounds around town. Rumor has it that Neil Brewer has purchased or leased the former Johnson Dairy Bar (Kalua) and has plans to open some sort of restaurant.

Holsum spoke directly with Brewer this morning and learned that in fact Brewer has plans for the building and much depends on getting approval from various village, county, and state regulating agencies.

Ultimately he would like add on to the building’s size and offer sit-down dining. No plans have been finalized and no ETA projected .

Ace cub reporter, Holsum, also reported that the long vacant office building behind the city building is now occupied by an insurance agency. Rumors about R.R. Donnelly being sold, Jerry’s Pizza, Rancher’s Roast Beef, and Rural King coming to town remain unfounded.

Don’t You Think This Technology Thing Done Got Out of Hand

sexual revolution

When American was experiencing its first sexual revolution following the advent of the birth control pill came about I must have been out of the country because I missed it.

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