America is the Turtle, not the Hare!

The authors of the US Constitution created a representative democracy, a republic. There isn’t much thought given to political american turtleparties and many of the framers hoped political parties wouldn’t raise their ugly heads in this new republic. But they did, they evolved, and they grew into the two major party system we’ve had since before the Civil War.

We are not the United Kingdom or any of the many nations that have a parliamentary, multi party system in which governments are often created by the coalition of two or more parties. Smaller parties join hands by concentrating on their similarities and rise to power. Governments also fail when fragile coalitions sometimes fall apart.

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Micah’s New CD – Spells

Many of you are familiar with the music and talent of Micah Kesselring, the young Bloomingville, Ohio  blues musician who has twice appeared at Greenfield events.

Micah has several CD collections on the market and has started an Indiegogo project to help fund another one. Indiegogo is a major crowd sourcing company and is often used by musicians to make themselves known and help fund their creations. I’ve participated in several and always gotten a sense of satisfaction, along with a copy of the CD, for my contribution. I’ll never be a Renaissance Medici type patron of the arts but for a couple of bucks I can feel a little warm and fuzzy.

To make a contribution to Micah’s project you can give as little as a buck and get back a thank you. For a little more you can get a thank you and the right to download his new CD when available. For a lot of money he’ll come to your home, prepare you a great vegetarian meal, and sing you a few ballads. Want to help out a starving artist? Click on the Indiegogo logo or the album cover below.


micah spells


Jim Jefferies – All You Need to Know About Trump

I had never heard of Jim Jefferies until driving home from Columbus and listening to the Lewis Black channel on Pandora. Here is this guy jim jefferieswith a thick Australian accent talking about guns in America. He was not opposed to guns and didn’t argue for abolishing them. He simply ripped to shreds the stupid arguments used by the NRA and its most rabid supporters to defend guns.

When I got home I looked him up on Netflix and found two specials he’d done. The special containing the piece about guns was named BARE and it was hysterical. Jefferies may not be easy to listen to by many more sensitive types. He’s pretty free with the four letter words.

Yesterday we sat down and watched his latest Netflix special, FREEDUMB. Among several topics discussed was his views about Donald Trump. Nobody I know of has boiled down the essence of Trump better than this guy.

This morning I did some Googling and found this six-minute YouTube clip of the Trump bit. We found it to be both extremely funny and accurate.

Trump’s Goebbels

Surfing through a news feed I came across this photo lead in to a story about Trump. Instantly I was reminded of the Nazi propaganda photos of Adolph Hitler during his rise to power in the 1930s. The media techniques are different but the message is the same. You do your own comparison but I’m pretty sure Trump’s artistic director apprenticed under Joseph Goebbels.


JUST SAYING: On many occasions I’ve said I’d be okay with a centrist Republican. Well, I’m okay with a centrist Democrat as well. Tim Kaine is a centrist Democrat and that’s not a bad thing. Some people think Hillary is too liberal so Kaine the centrist is a logical choice to offset that.

DNC Bull

DEMOCRAT BULLSHIT: First is the leadership’s failure to not  totally do away with the super delegate concept. Second, the recently released emails suggesting the DNC’s bias against the Sanders’ campaign. Debbie Wasserman Schultz needs sign up for unemployment.

NOTE: I had scheduled this to be published on Monday, July 25. According to a breaking story, Schultz resigned this afternoon.


BULLSHIT: Trump has revived his claim that Ted Cruz’s father is  connected to the assignation of President Kennedy. His claim is based on a photo that appeared in The National Enquirer and Trump says, “This was a magazine that, frankly, in many respects, should be very respected.” I call bullshit times two on this one!

Revised – Bullshit of the Day Report

Dave Shoemaker, who writes the Shoeuntied blog, has his “Asshat of the Day” award. His readers send him photos of asshats they see who have screwed the pooch for anyone else finding a parking place. Since he gets hundreds of photos it must be touching a nerve.

I’ve decide to take a lesson from Shoe and create a Bullshit of the Day Report page in which I will post bullshit statements I come across each day. I’ve created a link to the page in the menu bar at the top of each page.

Simply click on the Bullshit Button to read the very first post. To submit your own example email me at

I decided to alter the format of posting BS reports. Post will now appear in regular order in the middle of the HOME page as well as in the ASIDE section along the right hand margin of every CGS page. This makes it both more user-friendly and simpler for me to administer.


Pokemon A Go Go!

You can’t tune in the world these days without coming across people talking about the game Pokemon Go. I am not a gamer but I do enjoy technology and have some desire to understand how things work.

My knowledge of the game is knowing that players download a free app to their smartphones and then go for a walk. As they stroll around their town creatures suddenly appear in front of a church, a school, a theater, your neighbor’s garage, etc. You somehow try to capture the creäture and if successful win points.

While the app/game is free you can somehow opt to purchase clues, hints, extra creatures, or whatever. This is how Nintendo, the games owner, added $7.5 billion to its corporate value in just a couple of weeks after the games release.

My son and grandson are my main sources of information about “PokeStops” (places where creatures are located) in Greenfield. Apparently there are several that appear in various parts of the cemetery so if you see a covey of kids walking around staring at their smartphones, or their navels, that’s what they might be doing.

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The Voice of the Forgotten

The curtain has come down on the great “Let’s Polish Trump’s Turd Show” in Cleveland where, as the Washington Post said today, Trump tried to position himself, “As the voice of the forgotten men and women.”

My first reaction is that I’m pretty sure I can make the case that no person who spends his nights in a room like this…

trump bedroom 2001

…ever had much concern for the forgotten. Throughout human history people who live in such surroundings normally do so at the expense of the broken backs of the forgotten.

You want to see what the home of a person who really might represent the voice of the average person? Well take a look at this Burlington, Vermont home that happens to be the residence of recent presidential candidate and US Senator, Bernie Sanders.

bernie's homeNow be honest, in which abode do you think you’ll have a greater chance of finding someone sympathetic to your voice? This is what the average American just turned its back on, a chance to be led by one of our own.

Trump’s Walled America

The most important foreign policies of the United States since the end of World War II has included the containment and ultimate elimination of the strangle hold the Soviet Union held on Eastern Europe. You may know it as the Cold War. It has been a policy supported by each political party, the majority of elected officials, the entire military establishment, every sitting president of the modern era, and the vast majority of the American citizenry.

Treaty organizations such as NATO and SEATO played a major part in reversing the tide of communist expansion and freeing nations like Latvia, Estonia, and Lithuania.

A second major component of American foreign policy has been international involvement and not isolationism. Considering the comments Donald Trump expressed in the attached article (see below) it is obvious that he is not aware of such, nor the potential consequences of what he is suggesting. Putin’s Russia is itching to regain what it lost when the Soviet Empire folded and Trump appears ready to let Putin have his way.

At the same time Trumps suggested ideas are exactly what the right wing has hammered president Obama and Hillary Clinton about, a weak or lackadaisical approach towards America’s foreign obligations. On the one hand Trump is saying America first (withdrawn) while criticizing his opposition as being too withdrawn. I am certainly not prepared to deal with the rigors of the presidency but there is little in this man to suggest he is any more prepared than I.

Ultimately Trump is suggesting a return to the same conservative policy of isolationism; which is simply putting America first. Doesn’t matter that both world wars resulted in part from such policies or that we have so far managed to avoid a third world war by staying involved in world affairs.

Lots has been said by Trump about walling off America. My conspiracy theory is that a Trump shell company has been secretly buying up border property while a second Trump shell company will be given construction contracts by the Trump Administration to build those walls. Don’t forget, he’s told us many times that such is just good business skills.

NOTE: The basis of this blog comes from a New York Times article. Click HERE for the entire article.

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