POLL BOUNCE: I’m following a daily tracking poll of electoral bouncing-ballcollege votes. Clinton has always held the lead but in the past two weeks the margin has narrowed. Since the first debate the direction has reversed and Hillary’s lead is increasing. By this reputable poll, she got her post-debate bounce.

It’s You Who’s to Blame

One of my conservative friends made a comment in which she was critical of professional politicians. I asked, but got no answer, which incumbent she was NOT going to vote for in November? You see, professional career politicians are not born, they are created by the people. They get into office by consent of their constituents and they remain in office because those same constituents continue to elect them. A two-year term in the US House of Representatives turns into twenty terms and a forty-year career. There are several things that help make this true; gerrymandering and campaign financing laws being two of the big ones. And who refuses to clean up the laws that permit gerrymandering and financial abuses? Those very politicians the voters keep returning to office. If you’re not happy that your congressman is a career politician, vote for the other guy in November. Don’t blame it on the liberals, the conservatives, the Democrats, the Republicans, the churches, the mainstream media. Blame it where the blame belongs, square on your shoulders.

Let the Muckrakers Do Their Job

I’m sure there are others but the Washington Post and Newsweek Magazine have been seriously digging into Donald Trump’s financial activities. In a major story Newsweek detailed Trump’s international business dealings and pointed out the tremendous risk of conflicts of interest if Trump were to win the White House.

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Newsweek’s Kurt Eichenwald’s story regarding Trump’s potential for conflict of interest as president.

Just this morning Newsweek’s featured article is an exposé of Trump’s highly illegal business involvement with Cuba in 1998. At that time it would have been illegal for any American to invest a single penny in the Cuban economy but one of Trump’s companies, with his knowledge, spent almost $70,000 trying to win influence in Castro’s islands and then hired a company to show them how to hide the illegal activity as a charitable donation.

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Newsweek’s Kurt Eichenwald’s story regarding Trump’s illegal activities in Castro’s Cuba.

The Washington Post has published several stories about how Trump’s foundation is used to channel monies from individuals and corporations that owe Trump, into his foundation. Such donations would actually represent income to Trump and therefore subject to income tax. Trump has not claimed it as income and thereby risk charges of tax evasion or fraud.

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How To ID Kool-Aid Drinkers

All political parties have their Kool-Aid drinkers, those die hards who willingly ignore all the evidence against their beliefs and take one for the team.

I remember in the Johnson-Goldwater election in 1964 meeting an old Greenfield butcher who spent his day telling everyone he met that Barry Goldwater was mentally deranged and had spent time institutionalized. The claim originated with a totally unscientific poll a magazine had taken of psychologist and became accepted wisdom. After the election Goldwater sued and won.

So the question arises, how do you know if you’re one of the         Kool-Aid drinkers, that you would drink the cyanide laced beverage for the sake of your tribe? The answer was just made very easy. If when you look at the photo of Michelle Obama embracing George W. Bush and don’t see a high degree of tolerance and civility, you would reach for the paper cup.

Ex president George W. Bush enjoying the warm embrace of First Lady Michelle Obama. Photo was taken at the opening of the National African-American Museum of History and Culture.

Notes On Ageing – Volume 78

I’ve heard that life is a series of hurdles. While there may be truth in that it is also a series of probes and pokes and as you age the frequency of probes and pokes increases. Someone is always wanting to put something someplace.

I don’t know how old I was when a doctor first suggested I allow him to stick a finger in my anus but it wasn’t too long after that instead of a finger it was a 6′ colonoscopy tube.

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America Isn’t Post Anything

Look, the simple truth is that most of us have some racist tendencies but we make every effort to whittle them down and try to get better.  There are too many, however, who are openly racists and seem to take some overt pride in it. Then there are those, lots of those, who say and believe things that really are racists but they don’t see themselves as being racists.

I remember being in an pizza parlor in Cincinnati once and a black family came in and sat at a nearby table. My mother, who I never thought of as being racist, said, “Huh, you wouldn’t think those people would like this kind of food.” I don’t think mom thought she was saying anything bad but in my mind she might as well of said, “Shit, I thought all they liked was fried chicken and watermelon.”

Yesterday the nation and world witnessed Kathy Miller, a Trump campaign leader from Ohio, claim that racism in America didn’t exist before president Obama came along. She went on to insist this nation had no racist past, no civil rights movement, no racial riots in Detroit in 1967, or no one named Rodney King was beaten by an out of control pack of Los Angeles cops in 1991.

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Shes coming to take your guns away

On many occasions Donald Trump has fired up his crowd with claims that Hillary Clinton hates the 2nd Amendment is if elected is going to absolve the right to bear arms. On at least two occasions Trump has overtly suggested that “2nd Amendment people” may need to resort to violence to protect their rights.

I’ve followed the 2016 presidential race since it began and more closely as it enters the final weeks. No place have I heard Clinton or the Democratic Party issue a policy that threatens the private ownership of firearms. Clinton does have a gun policy and it would limit the ownership of certain types of weapons and it would close a couple of huge loop holes in our gun ownership laws.

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How much for those earphones?

I written about my disdain for Apple several times. It’s not that they make bad products and it’s not that they’ve been innovators and awesome designers. It’s all about how anal and greedy they are.

Apple has always forced consumers to play by their rules and pay dearly for doing so. Their products have always been overpriced. They began with their own proprietary CPUs and operating system that had no compatibility with other systems. With each new product they pretty much stuck with that formula, forcing the buyer to skin the cat using their methods. Apple wants to control everything. As a corporation they have been extremely successful and highly undemocratic.

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A Few of the Deplorable

Some of you may have seen this on The Daily Show of September 20, 2016. I couldn’t find it online so I recorded it off TV with my camera. Anyway, all I can say is here are several examples of Trump supporters who are deplorably ignorant. And that’s being kind.

Party Demographics, They Be Changing

Came across this study by the Pew Research Center and found it informative. Since 1992 demographics of America’s political parties have been changing The first graph shows the country becoming more ethnically and racially diverse (less white) and that the Democrats are making the most of it. In 2012 the GOP made note of this and said they were going to work towards becoming more inclusive. Just the opposite has occurred.

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There’s Always Colbert’s Balls!

Here’s but one more example of how comedians are able to filter things down to the base truth. It’s also an example of just how difficult 50% of America finds it impossible to accept the truth. So Donald, you seem to be faced with one of three decisions; tell the truth, continue to lie, or, there’s always Colbert’s balls.

Thoughts on Education

Just read an article about the current and continuing “crisis” in education. It is claimed that almost every school district in America is facing a severe shortage of qualified teachers. The culprits are retirement and other forms of attrition, low pay, job stresses, and the public’s attitude about education.

When I first considered teaching in the early 1960s demand outstripped supply and I liked knowing I could go most anyplace and find a position. I liked the idea of having that flexibility. I also liked knowing I’d have from Memorial Day to Labor Day to pursue other interest.

Of course neither of those are as true today as back then. There are lots of jobs but they tend to be in science, math, and special education, and in inner-city school districts. People in math and science can earn much more by taking their skills into industry rather than education. Summer break isn’t what it once was. The school year has been lengthened and today many schools commonly don’t let out until sometime in June and then resume classes around the middle of August. Of course salaries have been adjusted but not always fairly.

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