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Clorox is synonymous with ???. If you answered bleach I’m guessing you’re in the majority. It like Kleenex and tissue, the two are a natural fit. Last week I was in a dentist office and conveniently scattered around the office were pump bottles of hand sanitizer carrying the trade name Clorox. I squirted some on my hands and took a whiff expecting to smell the familiar aroma of Clorox bleach. Instead my nasal orifices detected alcohol. Looking at the label I read, right below the big CLOROX logo, “Contains no bleach.” Somehow it seems against universal law to write a sentence reading, “Clorox, contains no bleach.” No wonder this world is so confusing.

SPARK! to begin yoga classes

Cindi Pearce will begin conducting a series of yoga classes she titles Rusty Hinges. The first session will begin on October 6th at Spark Creative Artspace’s facility at 251 Jefferson St. in Greenfield. Cost of the classes are $8 per session.  To register simply call Cindi at 937-981-3040.

Complete details are at Spark’s website: Spark Creative Artspace Yoga


Pie Crust Promises

Many people in Greenfield remember Paul “Dunk” Angel and his contributions to the town’s country music legacy. Personally I don’t pie crustknow much other than Angel was a mentor to Johnny Paycheck and others. I’ve heard that people like George Jones stopped off for a visit when passing through the area.

In the early 1960 Dunk’s basement was a gathering place for musicians and after an evening of listening to music at Angel’s my now wife, Janet, decided she would write a song for the basement band to play.

She came up with a ditty she called Pie Crust Promises and took it to Dunk’s. Present at the time was Johnny Paycheck, Gary Adams and several of his brothers. Together they worked out an arrangement and put Janet’s song on a 3″ reel of used tape. For over fifty years the tape lay buried and unheard.

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Just Sayin’ – Obamacare

Increasingly the news is showing Obamacare being a success. While I have never thought it was the correct answer I am very pleased that increased numbers of Americans now have medical coverage. I just can’t understand why John Boehner and his GOP brethren can’t be happy for these fellow citizens.

Purchase infor for MHS Centennial Pendant

UPDATE: To mark the Centennial of Edward Lee McClain High School the Centennial Committee commissioned The Balfour Company to design and manufacture a sterling silver commemorative pendant. Pendants are selling for $35.00 each and can be purchased from Sue Ann Baird at the Board of Education offices, 200 N. Fifth St. or by mail. For mail orders send a check for the number desired made out to McClain Alumni Association to Linda Penn, 11525 SR 138, Greenfield, OH 45123. Please include your name, postal address, and email address so the Association’s records can be updated at the same time. Linda can be contacted at 937-981-3590. Those who have asked they be placed on the list will have their orders filled first.


Fall Clean Up Day Scheduled

Here’s an article from the Times-Gazette containing the details about the fall cleanup day in Greenfield.

Greenfield’s Cleanup and Beautification Day is scheduled Saturday, Sept. 20 from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. Arrangements have been made with Community Sanitation of Ohio to place a dumpster near the railroad across from the Waddell Company on S. Washington St., according to Greenfield City Manager Ron Coffey.

“Everyone bringing trash is asked to bring some form of identification, such as a water bill, that shows their residence to be in Greenfield,” Coffey said. “The basic service is free to residents, but there will be an additional charge for tires and certain other materials.” Community Sanitation charges $1 for paintcans (paint must be dry), $5 for regular size tires and $10 for truck tires. Large furniture and appliances will be accepted, as will tree and shrub trimmings (brush must be bound and tied).

“This is a great opportunity to clean our sheds and garages and help beautify our community,” Coffey said. “We hope to see a lot of cleanup activity around Greenfield that day.”

Community volunteers are welcome to participate and gather up litter that has accumulated since the last Cleanup Day. Areas of concern include tree lines, alleys, and Felson and Mitchell parks.

Members of the Greenfield public works staff will be on duty to pick up items where advance arrangements have been made. Information is needed by 4 p.m. Friday, Sept. 19 and arrangements can be made by contacting Holly Ellinger at 937-981-3500.

Beer Bottle Blues

Justin Johnson is one of my guitar heroes and I came across this video to share. Last year Justin released a two-volume set of roots justinjohnson42music CDs, Smoke & Mirrors, played entirely on traditional homemade instruments. On one CD the instruments were mostly borrowed from a museum of cigar box guitars, some being a century old.

To help add to the project’s feel the first CD was recorded in the Memphis studio of Sun Records. The same studio where Elvis, Jerry Lee Lewis and Johnny Cash began their careers. For the second CD they moved to the heart of blues history, the Hopson Plantation outside Clarksdale, Mississippi where they set up a studio in an old sharecropper’s shack.

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Bread wars

About the only time I favor drive-thru fast food is when traveling and having to keep a schedule. On our recent drive to Miami and back I took note of what seems to be a bread war between fast food chains. Hardee’s was touting their buns as being fresh baked and several chains, Wendy’s included, were featuring what’s becoming a food fad, the pretzel bun sandwich. Even aboard our cruise ship pretzel breads and bread sticks were served at every meal. Wraps seem to remain popular and McD’s has added several new versions to its menu.

Where are the Arabs?

Watching the NBC Evening News recently and General Barry gen mccaffryMcCaffery, one of their military consultants, made the statement that those who face the most immediate threat of ISIS are the Arab nations lying in near to Iraq and Syria.

The coalition that is forming to take on the Islāmic State is currently composed of mainly the United States and its traditional Western and Christian allies. McCaffery’s question was, where are the Arabs? Why aren’t those most immediately threatened leading the way in forming military opposition to ISIS?

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